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Effective Auto Injury Treatment in Jacksonville

A safe, effective auto injury treatment plan can prevent long-term pain and damage.

Back pain, severe headaches, and neck pain are common to experience after an auto injury. Unfortunately, failing to seek auto injury treatment in Jacksonville can have painful, long-term ramifications.

Why Seek Treatment After an Auto Accident?

Many of the injuries people receive when in an auto accident are soft tissue injuries. Their muscles, tendons, or ligaments are strained or damaged.

When the body undergoes a traumatic event, it reacts by building scar tissue to heal. The tissue is not very flexible. Therefore, excess scar tissue can lead to mobility, flexibility, range of motion, and pain issues.

Your Jacksonville chiropractor can help break up the scar tissue with an auto injury treatment plan.

Safe, Effective Auto Injury Treatment in Jacksonville

To safely treat your injuries, your chiropractor will perform diagnostic tests, including x-rays, if necessary.

Additionally, your chiropractor will perform a palpation examination in which they gently palpate the neck and back. The palpation allows them to feel exactly where your body has been damaged and what tissues have been damaged (muscles, ligaments, etc.).

Based on the information they attain, your Jacksonville chiropractor will create a custom auto injury treatment plan.

Auto Injury Treatment Plan

You will receive chiropractic adjustments to put your body back into proper alignment. Some of your pain may be due to spinal misalignment, something that causes muscle strain and can put tension on your muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

During your adjustment appointment, the doctor will use a variety of tools and techniques to promote proper alignment and healing, including:

  • An impulse adjusting instrument to apply precise, focused, yet gentle pressure
  • Cupping to reduce pain and promote blood flow
  • A Hyper-Volt massage gun to massage and heal the deeper tissues

In addition to adjustments, your chiropractor might recommend acupuncture to promote blood and lymph flow to help heal injured areas.

Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe?

Chiropractic therapies are considered extremely safe. In fact, when you compare them to surgical treatments and pain management through pharmaceuticals, chiropractic is often the preferred treatment.

With chiropractic care, you don’t have to worry about addictive, damaging medications You may be able to put off surgery or prevent it completely with chiropractic adjustments.

Years of Experience at Your Fingertips

When you’ve been in an accident, you want to see someone who can safely and effectively reduce or eliminate your pain.

Drs. Donald Campbell and Nicholas Schumacher of Premier Chiropractic and Performance have decades of experience between them. They’ve also completed hours of training and continue to educate themselves on best practices concerning auto injury treatments.

The diagnosis and treatment planning they’ll do for you after your accident will help reduce your painful symptoms and even help with your auto insurance claim.

Do you have pain from an auto injury? Contact our team today to set up an evaluation at 904-725-2286. We’ll help you get out of pain.