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Rehabilitation & Performance

Rehabilitation & Performance in Jacksonville

Chiropractic care combined with strengthening exercises is the key to pain relief! We all know the importance exercise plays in our lives, but it is vital to strengthen muscles and build endurance through treatment.

Studies have shown that exercise can help manage back pain. Did you know abdominal muscle strength is noticably lower in patients with low back pain? (1) At Premier Chiropractic and Performance, we want to give you EVERY tool needed to help get you out of pain and back in shape, and that includes rehab exercises!

We have a space dedicated to rehabiltation exercises, complete with the proper equipment to help you build muscle strength & endurance. Whether you are used to lifting heavy or have never step foot in a gym, we've got you covered!

Our team will work within your limits (and just outside of them!) to help you rehabilitate properly. Depending on the part of the body being treated, we will tailor an exercise progression that is individualized to YOU. We want you getting better, and this is a vital step in the healing process.