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Sports Recovery Chiropractic

Sports Recovery Chiropractic in Jacksonville

An athlete’s physical health is their greatest asset. To win the game – whether recreational or professional – an athlete has to be faster, stronger, and more flexible than their opponents.

Seeing a sports chiropractor can help Jacksonville athletes get an edge over those they’re competing against.

Dr. Nicholas Schumacher played Division I baseball in college. These days, his activities of choice include golf, weightlifting, and running. Because sports have always played an important role in his life, he is well-aware of the importance of keeping the body healthy and strong!

Why Athletes Need Chiropractic Care:

Athletes use chiropractic care for three reasons:

  • Injury prevention
  • Improved performance
  • Faster injury recovery

Those who choose chiropractic treatments want to avoid being sidelined for months due to surgery. They also know that prescription painkillers and muscle relaxants can dull their senses, slow reaction time, and lower their overall performance levels.

Techniques Used by Your Jacksonville Sports Chiropractor

To best serve local athletes, the team at Premier Chiropractic and Performance use a variety of treatment options. Varying the techniques used can help athletes achieve faster, more profound results, especially in sports performance.

FAKTR Soft Tissue Techniques

Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab (FAKTR) is a treatment that includes manual and instrument-assisted soft tissue techniques. The goal is to improve mobility and flexibility by reducing soft tissue adhesions and fascial restrictions, which can slow an athlete down after an injury.


Your sports chiropractor will place multiple cups in areas that are sore or injured. The cups create a vaccuum-like suction to pull and release tension in underlying structures. Cupping can help athletes by:

  • Improving blood circulation
  • Reducing pain
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Relieving trigger points
  • Improving range of motion
  • Massaging deep tissues
  • Promoting relaxation

Instrument Adjustments

An impulse adjusting instrument is used to deliver gentle, precise adjustments to the joints and extremities. It provides targeted treatment to specific areas to help reduce tenderness, tightness, or strain.

Dynamic Taping

Also known as kinesiology tape, dynamic tape is an acrylic adhesive that provides a four-way stretch, strong elastic resistance, and various recoiling grades. The goal is to reduce the body’s workload during activity by absorbing force from the muscles.

Hyper-Volt Therapy (Massage Gun)

Used as a complement to other soft tissue techniques by your Jacksonville sports chiropractor, this massage gun provides deep tissue vibrational massage. The goal is to relax sore muscles, reduce stiffness, and improve mobility.

Normatec Compression Boots

Normatec boots are the latest in athlete recovery, helping to increase circulation and reduce pain + soreness after a workout. A compression is applied to the lower extremities, allowing greater blood flow and faster recovery time.

We are now offering sessions in our Recovery Room for athletes to utilize before + after events!

Rehab to Fitness

Rehab to Fitness is a program that teaches sports chiropractors how to help their patients progress from post-injury rehabilitation back into to a functional fitness program.

Athletes of All Kinds Can Benefit

Student-athletes, professional athletes, and weekend warriors can all achieve improved performance by incorporating chiropractic treatment!

Dr Schumacher + team will help you stay at the top of your game, reduce risk of injury, and best help your body recover faster!

Ready to up your game? Contact us today at 904-725-2286 to schedule an appointment.