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Auto Injury Treatment in Jacksonville

-Florida a no fault state

-Patient must see a medical physician within the first 14 days of accident

-Chiropractic is perfect first option

-Thorough exams

-Diagnostic Imaging

-Knowledge to refer if necessary

Great outcomes with:

-Disc herniations

-Radiating arm and leg pain


-Soft tissue injuries


-Consultation with doctor: knowledge of accident and injuries

-Neurological, Orthopedic, and Chiropractic exam

-Diagnostic imaging…in office x-rays

Reports of Findings:

-Go over exam and x-ray findings

-Create individualized treatment plan


-Chiropractic Adjustments



-Soft Tissue Mobilization

-IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization)

-Cupping Therapy

-Hypervolt Therapy

-Myofascial Release

-Pin and Stretch


-Muscle stimulation: IFC, Russian Stim, Pre-mod


-Cryo / Heat Therapies

-Intersegmental Traction

Therapeutic Exercises:

-to improve range of motion

-stabilize injuries areas

-gain strength to get back to doing the things you love


-in order to tract progress