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Sports Therapy in Jacksonville

Dr. Schumacher being a former Division I athlete has not only knowledge, but experience with athletic performance and injuries…

Help improve performance:

-increase range of motion

-improve mobility

-improved balance

-help with recovery from workout or competition

-help reeducate the body on how certain joints are supposed to move

Keep strong:

-less vulnerable to injury

-keeping bodies functioning properly

-making sure joints are stable, but yet mobile

-Sports Injuries:

-Spinal and extremity injuries

-Assess and treat areas above and below injury to make sure athlete is function


-Thorough consultation with the doctor

-Perform various patient centered exams (neurological, orthopedic tests, and chiropractic assessments)

-Movement assessments (global movements, joint specific, and sports specific movements)


-Chiropractic Adjustments



-Soft Tissue Mobilization

-IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization)

-Cupping Therapy

-Hypervolt Therapy

-Myofascial Release

-Pin and Stretch

-Individualized exercises:

-improve range of motion


-to provide proper nutrients to the body to help heal, grow, and sustain


-in order to track progress

-Custom orthotics

-Foot levelers