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Treating Baseball Injuries with Chiropractic Care in Jacksonville

Written By Premier Chiropractic and Performance on March 1, 2021

Baseball Injuries If you’re a baseball player, sprains and strains are probably something you’re familiar with. Though baseball isn’t considered a contact sport, baseball players are three times more likely to get injured during an actual game than during their training sessions. 

What are the Most Common Baseball Injuries?

In baseball, you put all your muscles to use when hitting the ball, trying to make a catch, and running to the next base. This puts a lot of strain on your body and increases your chances of suffering from various sprains and strains. 

The injuries faced by baseball players vary based on their role in the game. The majority of injuries suffered by pitchers occur in the upper body and other position players are more likely to get injured in their lower body. The most common overall injuries are upper leg strains, ankle sprains, and shoulder strains. Pitchers have a greater risk of getting injured compared to other players because of the extreme stress they put on their bodies.

How Can I Prevent Getting Baseball Injuries?

You can prevent receiving a baseball injury by making sure you warm up before a big game. You can also undergo exercise programs and nutritional counseling to increase your muscle strength and flexibility so you have fewer chances of getting fatigued while you play.

Wearing the proper protective equipment, such as a batting helmet and a face guard can further keep your body safe from harm.

Using Chiropractic Care to Treat Baseball Injuries

Chiropractic care is a great option for you to treat your baseball injuries. 

The right chiropractic treatments can help:

  • Increase your mobility
  • Manage your pain
  • Promote proper healing

Get Baseball Injury Treatment Today

Baseball injuries require immediate treatment, so they don’t escalate into a permanent injury or a disability. At Premier Chiropractic and Performance, Dr. Nicholas Schumacher uses various chiropractic techniques, such as instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) and nutritional counseling, to ensure you’re at your healthiest before and after a big game.

Contact us today at (904) 725-2286 to embark on your road to recovery after suffering from a baseball injury.

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